Portrait of M. Fitzner

Welcome to my main website!
Here I would like to introduce myself by giving a brief overview of my main working areas:

There will be more information on these topics further down. You will also find a brief description of my professional career, as well as ways to contact me. And if questions are still left open, please do not hesitate to give me a call!

Interim Management

Jump in and get things done
Companies invite me as a temporary manager for quite different reasons. Sometime it is to bridge a sudden vacancy at the top management level, sometimes they need somebody to take responsibility for a temporary project. Often it's about to create missing or to correct faulty structures in order to build a better foundation for a future job holder. So then my successor in his or her permanent assignment can build on the established base and develop it further. Interim Manager wrapping his sleeves up Often it happens that I am involved in the compilation of the search profile for my successor and in the candidate selection process. Usually I accompany the selected candidate in his or her first weeks, so as to create a smooth transition.
During my mandate, in which I am assigned to a certain defined function, my customers also like to use my experience and advice in other areas. Due to my experience from my other working areas I support in topics such as strategy development, design of structural changes, organisation of subject-related workshops or conflict solving, since these topics are welknown subjects to me. In addition, I am also well-connected and can always rely on special expertise within my network of colleagues.

Change Management

Accompany Change Processes
Not in every company the business processes run as smoothly as they should. Old, expired structures are often the cause, because the company has not or not correctly adjusted to changing market conditions. Then it is important to initiate and implement necessary change processes, to enable the company to move back into a profitable zone. Such a change process must be prepared carefully, because it will only succeed if a majority of employees join the move. Change Management Picture with ball pendant
Change processes I support both in the planning stage as well as by taking over operational responsibility during the implementation. By cooperating and coordinating closely with owners, general managers or department managers goals are defined, priorities set, and then the change issues gradually implemented along with the staff. Because of my training as a mediator, I am able to adjust to different personalities and maintain a good communication even during discussions about uncomfortable topics, aiming for practical solutions without losing sight of the final goal.


With Help And Advice!
For many years I collected in customer-related areas of engineering companies experiences on an international level. This experience is what I offer to other companies within a consultancy framework.
Advice symbolised on a photo of a compassWhether it is the development of a suitable market or business strategy, the challenge to build a new business area, to create a better, expanded or new focus for the after sales activities, the development of a marketing concept or the realisation of optimization potentials - these are areas where I feel at home since many years.
With your staff at home and abroad, I develop solutions that are feasible and also bring productivity growth. Due to a good, intercultural competence especially in Asian and African contexts I am usually successful in building bridges between different mentalities.
Depending on the problem I choose either a suitable workshop format, or use other forms of work, so that the entrainment of the participants is guaranteed as well as the success.

Conflict Management and Mediation

Recognize And Resolve Conflicts
Where people interact with each other, conflicts are inevitable. That is why conflicts can are be found in any company, caused by a variety of circumstances. The internationalisation of business processes and social contacts, the interaction of different mentalities and consequential misunderstandings did not result in a reduction, but in an increase of conflict potential. Some conflicts arise due to lack of or inadequate leadership - "everyone does what he or she wants" - others arise in the context of changes or restructuring. And there are also these typial, ordinary, purely emotionally charged disputes.Conflict management graph
As a business mediater trained according to the guidelines of the Federal Association Mediation e.V., I dealt extensively with communication and presentation techniques.
In the mediation process it is my responsibility as a mediator to guide the conflict parties to solve their dispute by themselves. Many years of business experience in the industrial environment helps me in the assessment and understanding of the related problem areas as well as in the elaboration of sustainable and actionable solutions.