Portrait of M. Fitzner

Welcome to my main website!
Here I would like to introduce myself by giving a brief overview of my main working areas:

There will be more information on these topics further down. You will also find a brief description of my professional career, as well as ways to contact me. And if questions are still left open, please do not hesitate to give me a call!

Interim Management

Jump in and get things done
Companies invite me as a temporary manager for quite different reasons. Sometime it is to bridge a sudden vacancy at a management level, sometimes help is needed to change structures and working procedures. So my job is to lay a good foundation and sent things right, of course always in consense with the top management. Then we look for a successor to take over my role in a permanent assignment, and this person can build on the established base and develop it further.
Interim Manager wrapping his sleeves up Usually I accompany the selected candidate in his or her first weeks, so as to create a smooth transition.
During my mandate, in which I am assigned to a certain defined function, my customers also like to use my experience and advice in other areas. So usually next to my main assignment as interim manager there is a sideline work as a consultant, which is fine with me. In addition, I am also well-connected and can always rely on special expertise within my network of colleagues.

Project Management

Special support and expertise
Project Management Picture with various aspects Not every company can affort to keep a project management department, and many companies with highly standardized products may even don´t need one in general. But it can happen, that there is a "once in a life time" project, where it is vital for success to keep a close eye on developments, time tables and costs. That is where I can assist with experience, knowledge and tools as an external project manager. I will make things happen, bring people together, take care of meeting preparation and documentation, cost controlling and claim management.
Foreign companies within the machinery industry who would like to enter the German market with their own subsidiary can also use my assistance as a project manager for the start-up period. I can help with setting the infrastructure, assist with hiring and formality handling up to getting things done in marketing and sales.


With Help And Advice!
For many years I collected in customer-related areas of engineering companies experiences on an international level. This experience is what I offer to other companies within a consultancy framework.
Advice symbolised on a photo of a compassWhether it is the development of a suitable market or business strategy, the challenge to build a new business area, to create a better, expanded or new focus for the after sales activities, the development of a marketing concept or the realisation of optimization potentials - these are areas where I feel at home since many years.
Depending on the problem I choose either a suitable workshop format, or use other forms of work, so that the entertainment of the participants is guaranteed as well as the success.


Gained in practice, for use in practice
Picture of a sports trainerObviously my main business subject is not beeing a trainer. But since I gathered a lot of experiences in certain areas I was approached once by a company to hold a seminar about project management. That went very fine, so I did another one - that´s how it started. Nowadays I hold inhouse seminars about certain issues like project management, sales management, after sales development and communication including intercultural communication. The feedback I receive from participants is quite good, since I try always to combine theory with practice and spice-up the seminar with lots of practical expamples and related stories of my own experience. So the whole seminar is quite lively.
On top I use role plays, sometimes including video recording. which is also very helpful.